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Get a grip - with your PR

Get a grip on your PR

The world of PR can seem like a scary place, often dressed up to look like a time-sucker when all you want to do is tell people who you are and what you do / what you sell.
You’ll meet PRs who make it all sound so complicated with talk of being disruptive, building buzz, creating engagement, game-changing this, positioning that and generally confusing the hell out of you playing jargon bingo.

But – strip it back to basics and you can get a reasonable grip on your company’s PR yourself with just a few simple steps.
And it’s worth getting to grips with some of this stuff because a bit of organised PR can do wonders for you and your brand.

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What a difference a generation makes

Juggling balls


Are men better at juggling balls or do women just have more?

In just three generations, the role of women has changed massively. The role men play has too, but I can only speak from my woman’s perspective and use my experience as a basis.

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